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Hello and welcome to Therapy for the Future Counselling and Coaching helping you to feel connected and understood.

What can Counselling and Coaching help you with?

  • Are you going through a difficult situation and need

      extra support to get through it?

  • Do you suffer from anxiety, depression and disordered


  • Do you want to get unstuck and change you something in your life?

  • Do you want to work through a particular issue(s) you have been not coping well with?

  • Are you having relationship problems, social anxiety and feelings of inadequacy?

  • Do you feel like no one understands you?

  • Would like to feel more fulfilled? 

What can counselling support you with?

Depression, Low Mood, Intrusive Thoughts, Negative Thoughts, Motivation, Life Changes, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Confusion, Self Doubt, Worry, Loneliness, Disordered Eating, Big or Small Traumas, Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Loss and Bereavement, Rejection, Relationship Problems, Anger, Identity, Addictions.

What can coaching support you with?

Mindful Nutrition, Eating Psychology Coaching, Finding Purpose and Meaning, Coping Strategies, Decision Making.



Some benefits of Counselling and Coaching:

  • Overcome internal struggles

  • Increase your self awareness

  • Grow emotionally stronger

  • Feel more able to deal with life's ups and downs

  • Feel better about yourself

  • Let go of difficult feeling​s



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Location: 1A Belmont Road, Chiswick,

London, W4 5UL 

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