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"My counselling experience with Gillian was a transformational journey! Gillian can create a safe, non-judgmental, and harmonious environment where I felt I could share my life, challenges and help me find my solutions. She equipped me with the right tools and techniques to cope with my negative thinking. She is a wonderful listener, extremely respectful and went beyond to accommodate my schedule and circumstances, so I could get the best counselling experience." 
"From our very first meeting, Gillian seemingly effortlessly created a warm, open, safe and non-judgemental environment where I always felt heard and accepted. Even transferring to online meetings didn't hinder her or lessen the impact of our sessions.She expertly and sensitively guided me through the process, consistently putting my wellbeing at the forefront and never giving up on me despite my evident apprehension. I'm a convert and have turned my perspective around, all thanks to Gillian!"  "I really cannot say enough about my experience with Gillian.

When I first approached Gillian, I was admittedly rather sceptical about the idea of therapy, however those doubts were quickly dissolved after our first meeting. Not only that, but I quickly came to realise the significance of my decision, with our sessions undoubtedly transforming my life. Gillian creates a wonderful environment, where you can be yourself, due to her caring, intelligent and tenacious nature. As a result, she quickly helped me combat negative patterns and behaviours that I was prone to prior to our meetings, and I have grown emotionally and mentally much stronger as a result of our meetings. I would recommend Gillian to anyone." 
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