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Fear of failure? How to reframe failures as transitioning points.

If the fear of failure is something that stops you from pursuing a dream or a goal it would be useful for you to explore some of the following:

  • What am I afraid of failing at?

  • How might this make me look?

  • What failures have I experienced and how have they impacted me?

  • What's my worst outcome if I failed?

  • How was failure viewed in my family?

Everyone fails and many successful people have failed many times over, yet they have become successful because they kept going regardless of failing.

Here are some top tips on how you can embrace failing as a normal part of life.

  • Don’t be afraid to fail.

  • Failures are an opportunity to learn, showing me what works, what doesn’t.

  • Failures can give me insight, help me understand something better.

  • Failures can confirm what I want and don’t want.

Anxiety around the fear of failure can be reduced by exploring and understanding your fear of failure. There are many techniques to support you in overcoming your fear of failure. Using the above questions and reframing statements are one method that you can use and practise to change your perspective on failure.

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