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How can psychotherapy help you?

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." (Carl Jung)

The path to a happy and fulfilled life starts by finding a therapist you can trust and embark on a healing journey with. 

I believe that we are all capable of making necessary changes in our lives to create the

life we desire. However, we start life vulnerable and without any control over our early

formative experiences.  You have no choice over the genes you are born with, the families you are raised in, nor the impact this has on your psychological development. Thus, you become a product of your environment and genes,  which determines how you function in the world.  

Each of us carries our own baggage and personal struggles. So many of us continue to struggle in silence, perhaps due to stigma, shame or fear. However, you do not have to carry on alone anymore. Counselling can give you the support to guide you through daunting situations, uncertainty and personal difficulties. 

Psychotherapy is a powerful tool, because by talking to a professional who has been trained to sensitively respond to your needs, you can begin to deal with issues that have been causing difficulties in your life.

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