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How can we love ourselves more? The journey to self acceptance.

Embracing our shortcomings eases the pressure from our self critical thoughts. Instead of judging ourselves on our perceived failures and comparisons to others, how about looking at what we can learn about ourselves and how our limitations can show us the parts we need to pay extra special attention to and nurture every day?

If we look at a perceived failure from a compassionate view, what understanding and learning about ourselves and our world might this show?

Can the "I am not good enough" or "I am a failure" negative thoughts not be reflected on as motivation for self learning, emotional insight and spiritual growth?

How about a change in perspective? What happens when we begin to acknowledge our pain and suffering with compassion?

Gratitude practise, journalling, breathing techniques and loving kindness meditations can all change habituated negative thinking patterns and behaviours that keep a false belief alive that you are much less than you are truly worth.

A daily check-in guide is a great start:

  • How do I feel right now? (check-in time)

  • What am I feeling in my body right now? (physical check-in)

  • What am I thinking about? What is my mind focused on? (mental check-in)

  • How am I feeling right now? (emotional check-in)

  • What is surrounding me (people, sounds, smells, temperature, personal space...), and how is it affecting me? (environmental check-in)

  • Do I feel spiritually connected? (spiritual check-in)

As you practise the above and become more aware of what is going on for you on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, the heightened sensations, feelings and thoughts that accompany this increased self awareness can be both challenging and overwhelming. This is quite normal, refrain from judging and just practise letting it be. By doing so you are working on a difficult process, namely increasing your ability to let go.

If you would like more insights and guidance on self healing and/or personal therapy, please do get in touch @

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