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Qualifications and Professional Development Courses: 
  1. MSc Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, University of Derby 2018
  2. BA Sociology and Psychology, University College Dublin, 2013
  3. Certificate in Cultural and Heritage studies, St. Thomas's College for Adult Education, 2010 
  4. Diploma in Gut-Brain Connection, Centre of Excellence,2020
  5. Diploma in Mindful Nutrition, Centre of Excellence,2020
  6. Eating Psychology Coach Diploma, Centre of Excellence,2020
  7. Solution Focused Therapy Training, Maidenhead Youth and Community Center, 2017
  8. Avoidant Attachment Training, Brighton and Hove, 2018
  9. Internal Family Systems workshop, Pesi, 2022
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About Me

My name is Gillian Jacobson and I help clients work through issues that hold them back.

As an Integrative Psychotherapist I use different therapeutic techniques such as person-centred, compassion-focused, attachment informed and cognitive behavioural therapy to help you with the issue(s) you are bringing to counselling. I will also use interventions and tools such as mindfulness, breathing and visualisation techniques.


Further, as an accredited professional member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society, my work adheres to their ethical standards.
From 2016 to 2020 I worked in a  community counselling 
service in Maidenhead and Hounslow helping clients work
through difficulties such as anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, disordered eating, alcohol and drug dependence, adverse childhood experiences, depression, loss, grief, bereavement, relationship issues, work stress and life stressors.
Since 2018 I've been in private practise in West London 
seeing clients face to face and online. I work with clients from a range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, neurodiversities,  and sexual orientations. 
I have a particular affinity working with people who have had adverse childhood experience and are seeking therapy to support them heal from this, and create a life that's meaningful. I also am passionate about helping clients explore their identity and become a fully functioning person (
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The path to a happy and fulfilled life starts by finding a therapist you can trust and embark on a healing journey with. Each of us carries our own baggage and personal struggles.  We continue to struggle in silence due to stigma, shame or fear.

Life can be complicated, as things often happen that can reactions and behaviours that are difficult to bear.  If you have experienced things in your life that have left you feeling upset and distressed, because it's difficult making sense of it, please know that you are not alone.

Even though you may feel that no one will understand, and feel anxious to talk about things,  I can offer you a safe space where you can begin to gently explore what's been so very difficult for you. 


You do not have to carry on alone anymore. If you have had counselling in the past or are seeking therapy for the first time, you have come to the right place. I provide counselling and coaching in West London and online. 

I believe that we are all capable of making necessary changes in our lives to create the life we desire.

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