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Self-compassion a remedy to ease depression.

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Feeling depressed, unmotivated and disinterested is our body's innate wisdom telling us that something is not right, that there is disequilibrium in our lives. Although these feelings can be difficult to bear, what is required in these times is actually to be with these unpleasant feelings and welcome them as a friend who needs a caring listener

Isolation may feel safe, but it makes you feel more depressed

Depression means that simple every day tasks can take a lot of energy. Start with a small manageable task and acknowledge that you have made a step towards feeling better.


Changing your environment can also be helpful. It could be getting out of bed to make yourself a nice cup of tea, or opening the bedroom window for some fresh air. 

It may also be useful to carry a little notebook or have it beside your bed, where you have written down things you can do to help lift the cloud of depression when it comes over you. 

Remember, depression can be very unkind, and therefore quite debilitating in that you do not want to do anything. When you are feeling like this, be gentle and kind to yourself, and don't put any pressure on yourself. 

If you are struggling with depression, counselling can help you gain the strength you need to better cope with it.

I highly recommend the following meditation app.

It is free and has a range of meditations. Putting on a meditation is a great way to soothe, increase motivation and provide a measure of relief from depression.

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